body415 Points Car Wash

We are a Full Service Car Wash, Auto Detailer, Headlight Restoration, Oil and Lube Services… Well, you can say we’re a Full Service Car Wash That Exceeds Expectations

5 Points Car Wash Detail and Lube, Inc. is the place to go to get the best results for your car at a great price. 
Our car wash services provides a number of packages to guarantee a service that will fit your need and deliver a car that will be clean, shiny and dry.

What Makes Us Unique

Our friendly staff is here to serve you and will make sure you leave our wash feeling satisfied. We are the only full service facility in the area that can provide you and your vehicle with great quality formulas which are unique and are guaranteed to strip the dirt from the car, as opposed to just washing it around with regular water.

We offer specials throughout the year to help keep the dirt and grime from ruining your car. During the harsh winter season, our exclusive cleaning agent will get rid of the sand from your car and tires after the roads have been dusted with dirt and gravel.

Environmentally Friendly

We recycle our water by filtering it to be reused. The oils are collected and deposited safely. When you wash your car at home, on the street or in the drive-way you are contaminating the rivers and streams by discharging oils and chemicals into the storm gutters. Help the environment and feel good when you use 5 Points Car Wash Detail and Lube for your next car wash.